The Potato Chronicles

Abomination Bear

Quick Notes:

  • Fight aberant bear creature in forest
  • Meet up with old, pantless man, hanging in tree.
  • Go back to his cabin via secret underground tunnel
  • Find out about thieves’ guild for more information on The Crescent.
  • Given a variety of magical items

If someone could write this one up in their own perspective, please do! Inspiration will also be given!

Note messily scribbled at the side from Isabeau:

Found the log. Finally. This is what I get for accepting “herbs” from Dragonkin monks…

Came out with awesome weapon – which am still figuring out due to inability to recall precisely what it does (on account of aforementioned “herbs”).

Note to self: If ever I meet that hermit again, do apologize for being an utter git and thank him for reward of epic weapon.

Second note to self (though equally relevant): … Stop being paranoid git.



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