The Potato Chronicles

Gnoll Surprise

On without Althaea, except in hat form

Into the cave, it opens up into a large cavern with many shadowy crevices. Our characters make a quick search of the room, finding a chest. Unfortunately for Minn, and all those around, the area surrounding the chest is trapped, making a thunderous attack on them, but worse, it alerts the gnolls and goblins that were seemingly waiting further in the caves.

The gnolls are brutal, but with Minn’s quickness, she speeds up the battle; while Ulmus cages the brutes, quite literally buying throwing the cage at them, allowing Hathyra to freeze them to the cages, which are now on the ground, ultimately incapacitating these brutes.

Some analysis of this structure determines that this is not the ground level, and Ulmus & Company are certain of such as they break through to a room, with the double doors; which, as everyone knows, always lead to something good.

What lies beyond these doors, and around this room?



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