The Potato Chronicles

Temple Tales

A Dragon Shits on a Temple

If a dragonborn shits on a temple, does everyone smell it? An age-old question with no answer…

Our characters meet up with a bard, by the unlikely name of Dwigger. There must be something about him, because he eventually tags along.

Minn, per usual self, takes a shit on the temple steps — perhaps a gift to some faiths? But, more than likely, perhaps not.

Pastor Petyr is met in the temple, and found out to be in cahoots with whomever is contaminating the water and who knows what other kinds of shenanigans. Ulmus and Company make swift work of him after finding out about some goblins in a cave up north that seem to be involved.

Supplies will arrive in three days

A key detail that lingers in the minds of the party.

Next stop, to the north.



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