Hermit Dragonborn Monk with a penchant for homebrew


I may or may not have slugged away at this in between work at muh place of work… :$

Hopefully everything looks ok, set it to level 3 but can change before next meet.

If good, will re-fill these two infoboxes with the stuff that’s actually meant to go here!

BOOM – character sheet lankies


Not much is known about Hathyra except that she disappeared from her community while still a paladin-in-training under the worship of Lendys. Rumor has it that the pressure and expectation of neutral judgement – regardless of situation – was too much to bear. How can a mere mortal be certain of their actions? Are they truly channeling their deity’s will, or is it something else?

Hathyra has since spent many years in the wildnerness, seeking an answer to a greater question…

…how many licks does it take to reach the centre of a Tootsie Pop? (j/k, I HAD to)


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