The Potato Chronicles

Dire Straits
Sewer Shindig and the Crazy Man

Last Time on the Potato Chronicles:

  • Our characters had foolishly stumbled upon obviously overpowered thugs, leaving themselves in chains.

And now…

With the thugs gone, transformations take place, leaving the chains as easily as they entered them.
Coming upon the guard of the room, a half-dumb half-ogre cannot do much before his throat is ripped out ever so eloquently, by Althaea.

And who happens upon them from above the sewers? Isabeau, of course. Having had to much…well, a little too much of everything the night before. She happens upon our characters in the most convenient of ways — in wolf form.

Discussions take place, and they happen to find out about their similarities; particularly in regards to the symbol they have both come across before. They find out that their best source for more information is a half-elf, full crazy, outside of town, going by the name of Eleglir.

Happening upon his residence, Min traverses the premises, and its illusory tricks, presenting its front on all sides.

Unfortunately for them, the full crazy Eleglir has been watching cross-legged this whole time. “He’s not home,” he answers, though no question was asked. He speaks in riddles at best, and at worst, says nothing worth anything. But, he does let some details slip. The symbol is of House Lanaris — while not a real house, is a faction of considerable rank and power, sometimes going by The Crescent.

“Head to the Eastwood, flailing all the while” he recommends.

The Eastwood doesn’t turn up much more than large spiders and more questions. Spiders with bands indicating some connection to The Crescent, and a place to sleep for the night.

Isabeau tears the spiders apart, while Min thinks it natural to defecate their corpses crudely, with a warm dose of urine.

They prepare for rest, and another day of fun.

A Brutal Beginning
A Potatoey Prologue
  • Stole precious horse drawings, gold, and book from Angus
  • Potato Baron looking for return on potato shipments
  • Characters head to Grimmenheim for answers
  • Checked out town, scammed more money, set fires.
  • Met with mayor for answers
  • Lead into basement, fell in trap, searched cellar, found hidden passage leading to underground stream
  • Merchants were found dead, in room at end of stream
  • Ambushed by, apparently, overpowered thugs.
  • Knocked out, chained up, and awaiting whatever comes next — not by choice.

(I will expand on the point form when I have a chance. This is just so I don’t forget. Let me know if I need to add anything.)

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