The Potato Chronicles

Cocoa and Crocs and Crooks*, oh my!

*Don't call a thief a crook to their face, only one of the two have honour.

Here’s the summary bit. I intended to submit a “story-esque” retelling of the session & am 2/3rds through what I intended to complete, but because of some other obligations I will probably not finish that aspect until post-tomorrow-session.

Core info below… for now //evil grin//

  • Jagron the Hermit gives Ulmus a Staff of Python, henceforth known as Bubble Bubble;
  • Everyone imbibes a cocoa drink and is given two sealed food rations apiece… Isabeau’s stomach sadly does not get on well with the warm beverage;
  • Isabeau receives an unassuming stick that functions as a magical compass (henceforth “Compass Stick”);
  • Ulmus (& Company) decides that the group should head to Athrak in order to prevent the planned poisoning – Jagon’s directions lead the troupe through swamp, forest and field in order to reach their destination;
  • Ulmus (& Company) encounter a croc. Ulmus, blinded by the newfound power a fifteen-foot magical snake/staff imbues, thinks it wise to whip a food ration at the animal. Protip: don’t do that;
  • After lighting the crocodile up like it were Hintermas, playing darts with its eyeball and shoving a Flame Sphere in its mouth… Min swoops in and carves that bad boy up like it was Ye Olde Hide House and Dwigger merges its face into one piece with his hammer. Ulmus restores Bubble Bubble to staff form, gets his food ration back with a bit of croc spit, and harvests a strip of skin for future leatherworking. Everyone else either takes some teeth or fists about in the reptile’s entrails (of note was a reptilian ‘hand’ that was partially digested);
  • Troupe continues on through the woods. They approach a summit and view a clearcut (logged) area with a town in the centre. Town is under marshall law and extremely racist against non-humans.
  • Thanks to being human (Isabeau), using a minor illusion (Ulmus + Bubble Bubble) or having a disguise on hand (Min), some of the group are able to enter the town, no strings attached. Those of us who aren’t as lucky either pay a fee (Dwigger) or barter pipeweed (Hathyra) to get through the gates. Famor, the guard who let everyone through expects to meet Hathyra at The Slaughtered Dwarf tavern to collect his gate fee;
  • The group observe that no expression of any other religion or belief aside from the Golden Sun sigil is permitted – the guards all wear this sigil;
  • Ulmus seeks out a leatherworker to contract a saddle for Bubble Bubble. He also locates someone who tells him more about the Elvish vase (Dark Elf ceremonial vase, Drow writing, dark magic, hearts of enemies placed within to activate the spell… finding this so close to the surface = bad. To know more requires travelling to the Underdark);
  • The rest of the group (Dwigger, Min, Isabeau, Hathyra) travel to the tavern to gain more information/seek out thieves’ guild intel/wait for Famor;
  • Dwigger solicits information from the Dwarven barkeep, who lets slip that three black-cloaked figures come to the tavern each night. Said figures arrive shortly after;
  • Dwigger takes centre stage and exercises his bardly ways while Isabeau, Min and Hathyra seat themselves at a table close to the cloaked figures. Min overhears some thief jargon & believes that the figures are to meet in an area of town at dusk the next day. Also something about a full moon…
  • The three ladies attempt a setup; Min takes some pipeweed and walks behind the cloaked figures’ table. She gets caught trying to plant the ‘weed in one of the figures’ robes, and Isabeau tries [unsuccessfully] to convince the triad that Min is a bumbling servant;
  • Dwigger steps in and uses his charisma to convince the three that this was a drop that got messed up. The figures seem to accept the explanation and leave the tavern.
  • Ulmus arrives and the group decides to exchange information over some pints.

(Where’s Famor?)



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