The Potato Chronicles

Wight Through the Doors

Draining Victims

Beyond the double doors reveals a long corridor, with three doors, that contain a bed in each; one bloody, one empty, and one with someone still in it, already drained of their life.

Ulmus heads to the next set of double doors at the end of the corridor, and proceeds to stare at them for what seems to be minutes, eventually alerted of something coming out. Ulmus heads to an ambush point down the hall, and casts fire behind this creature, which turns out to be a wight. Between this fire, and Minn’s fire on the other side, this creature is quickly done away with.

Our characters head to the end of the corridor, head in, and find plans laid out on the table, with stairs leading out of this place. These plans seem to indicate an attack on the hermin they had met previously, at the west side of the Eastwood.

They hit the top of the stairs, and see shadowy figures in the forest, and proceed to follow.



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