The Potato Chronicles

Oh where hath Isabeau run off to this time?

This is what happens when you miss D&D

When we last left our heroes they had been exploring in the underdark. Lead to the city of Stonehewn by Trundle Tumblebum, our heroes were getting further acquainted with their new surroundings. While our group of adventurers were out seeing the sights and potentially gambling their way into debt Isabeau had her own plans. She had know that she needed to be in the town hall for a meeting later in the evening so she took her time to meander off alone and get to see things for herself.

Isabeau, as noble as she may be, was regarded by the locals as an outcast, an outsider in a close knit community. Wandering through the streets the local deepgnomes would try their best to not cross their eyes to hers. They looked away at first glance from her and mother gnomes would pull their children away from her path. Feeling as though she were a pariah Isabeau thought that she may have better luck with the more noble of the deepgnomes.

She made her way to the town hall atop the cliff side overlooking Stonehewn. Gazing out at the city so far underground overwhelmed her with a feeling of ignorance of what Faerun had to offer. As she stood there in awe an arm curled around her waist and pulled her in tight against this unknown figure.

“Beautiful isn’t it?” Uttered this eccentric gnome.

Startled, Isabeau tried to take a step back but the hold on her was firm. Realizing she was in no immediate danger she relaxed, letting herself be held close by this stranger.

“It is…” the words quietly eked from her mouth.

As the two stood looking down on the city, time seemingly drawn to a standstill, the arm once clenching her closely began to drop.

“I must be off to prepare for the evening, there is still so much to do” proclaimed the gnome as he turned and headed towards the town hall. “I hope to see you this evening.” he said as he sauntered toward the large royal doors leading into the great hall.

Left once again to her thoughts she pondered who this little man could be. “I guess I will see him again this evening,” Isabeau thought to herself.

As the day pressed on and turn to night Isabeau caught up with her friends preparing to go to the town meeting. Ulmus lead the group of adventurers into the chambers, cautiously leaving bubble bubble at the door to show his respect and prepare for a daring retreat if need be. The group took their seats around a crescent table, a feast had been prepared for this evening. Disinterested in the events that were about to take place, Isabeau kept her eye out for the gentlegnome that she had run into earlier that day. The room grew silent and from the back corner a gnome walked out. Dawning a golden crown and a long deep purple cape it appeared the king had made his way to the table. Something seemed off about him, though only Isabeau seemed to notice.

“The gnome from earlier,” Isabeau choked under her own breath.

Following a short speech by King Bronson and some questioning to the activities that brought Ulmus and Co. to the city of Stonehewn a slew of servants burst from the kitchen bringing platters of food for the guests. As the feast drew to a close Isabeau’s compatriots readied to seek out a place to rest and prepare for the morning when they were tasked with slaying the Flayers that could spell a grim end for Stonehewn and its inhabitants. Not wanting to leave without seeing the king once more Isabeau stayed and let her friends go rest. As the rest of the gnomes schmoozed about Isabeau remained at her table, sipping from her mushroom vodka. A hand reached over her shoulder and rest itself upon it.

“I’m glad you could make it.” King Bronson announced.

The two sat together and regaled in stories of their adventures and childhoods until all but them had left the hall. King Bronson stood up and held out his hand. Isabeau, unsure of his intentions, curiously placed her hand in his. He lead her through the door he had entered from at the start of the night and down a long corridor. Bronson opened an immense stone, jewel incrusted door to his bedchambers and passed Isabeau over the doors threshold where he closed the door behind him. Isabeau could tell things were about to get interesting.

Eagerly, Isabeau threw herself onto the bed and sprawled out. It had been some time since she had been in a bed befitting of her status. King Bronson laid down next to Isabeau and began to kiss her neck. He slowly pulled down her top exposing her soft, unyielding breasts. Just the sight of those breasts made Bronsons penis very hard. His penis was of considerable size, and now beads of sweat slowly ran down his penis, making it glisten like a strong swimmer, fresh from the pool. It was a fantastic penis, that seemed as strong as a horse’s leg, yet as delicate as a flower wrapped in silk. Isabeau often thought about a mighty penis such as his, long, sturdy and throbbing. She grasped his swollen penis in her hands. Unable to control herself anymore she plunged his penis deep into the recesses of her mouth, rolling her tongue along up and down his penis.

Isabeau fixated herself on his penis until all thoughts in her head had converged on his penis. It had been some time since she had physically been with a penis as glorious as his penis and was overwhelmed with all the things she could do with such a majestic penis. She had often thought of penis’ and all the pleasures they could hold if only she had the opportunity to be with more penises.

King Bronson stood up tall, erect, like a penis. His penis dangled before him as a mighty warrior’s blade. He raised his hands to the air and let out a thunderous clap. The doors to his chamber burst open and in rushed Bronson’s consort with a group of gnomes. They stood around her, naked, brandishing their penis’ as though to make a penis wall around the bed. Lady Bronson climbed into bed, brushing past King Bronson’s penis. She climbed atop of Isabeau and began to kiss her breasts. It felt good. Like a penis. A soft, but sturdy penis that felt warm to the touch. In Isabeau’s mind, she suddenly felt like she was surrounded by penises. They were all around her, flopping all around and slapping her face. It was as if she were in a vast redwood forest of penises. They presented themselves tall and mighty all around her. She then realized that the group of gnomes that had accompanied Lady Bronson into the chamber had climbed into the bed and were thrusting their penises blindly at whatever they could hit.

Isabeau took many a penis to the face, chest, butt, hands, eyes, ears, hair, breasts, lady bits and yes, even her bum hole. Penises were clashing around her to the left and to the right, it was her belief that these penises had done this many a night. The penises seemed to fly around her and penetrate even the smallest of crevasses. The barrage of penises seemed unrelenting. Isabeau couldn’t move herself without grasping a penis, couldn’t speak without being silenced by a penis and couldn’t remain still from the pummeling of the penises. Before long Isabeau had a penis covering every part of her body, suddenly, one by one the penises began to quiver showering the room and covering all in their thick penis paste. Exhausted Isabeau curled up in the pile of penises, snuggling deep in the group of gnomes holding one penis close to her chest for comfort.

Isabeau awoke late in the morning to find that her team had left her to defend the city without her. Nervous for their safety she grabbed her things and ran to meet them conscripting 3 gnome guards on her way out to help them if need be. Hopefully she would find them before anything happened to them.



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