The Potato Chronicles

You're going to love what comes next

When we last left our hero and his company of travelers Ulmus had been left alone to track down the fleeting assassin. Separated from his team he was the only hope to stalk this hit-man or risk having him slink off into the forest and carry out his dubious task. Using his mystical druidic powers Ulmus kept pace with the rogue, all the while hiding in the shadows, hidden from sight.

The assassin broke through the forest into a small clearing where a captive and cultists gathered around, preparing for some ritualistic ceremony. Not wanting to exclude the rest of his team, from what would no doubt be a glorious battle, Ulmus quickly darted back to where they had last been seen.

Upon reaching the building that he began his pursuit from Ulmus reunited with his group of misbegotten companions. They appeared unharmed and ignorant to the weight of the events unfolding. With the prowess that only a true leader can muster, Ulmus gathered his men and led them to the cultists’ magical gathering.

As they encroached upon their enemies Ulmus’ followers took pause, for what must have been fear of the coming fight. A large circle of cult members congregated around fire. An immense man could be seen, bound to an alter, weary head draped down. One cult member leading the ritual grasped his hair, raised his head and slit his throat. A murmurous chanting could be heard, at first from the camp, and as time passed the sound grew to surround them. The sky blackened and began to unleash a heavy rain down upon our hero and his compatriots. The cult members circling the fire dropped to the ground, lifeless. Our hero gazed over at the cultists ceremony and noticed it was unaffected by the rain. Not to be left out being soaked by the downpour Ulmus sauntered into the center of the gathering without waiver and perched himself next to the fire. His team, shocked and intimidated by the events taking place before their very eyes, huddled together gathering their courage.

The cult member that had taken the life of his sacrifice turned and peered at the hero. Their eyes locked and a smirk began to form on the cultist. Ulmus could see that this was the same man he had followed earlier. The fire that Ulmus has been standing next to roared and grew as a demon began to form behind the man.

Years of druidic teachings and his natural distain for the malevolent had given Ulmus the insight to know that this summoning was not yet complete. In a brash attempt to thwart the ritual Ulmus glanced at the fire and without hesitation jumped onto it. In a fluid motion his feet left the ground and began to merge together into a large flipper. His body elongated and took the form of a large shark. He flails violently, attempting to smother out the fire and break the spell that was summoning this demon to the world of the living.

Ulmus’ company, still hidden from sight, gaze at our hero unable to look away. In a moment of bravery, Dwigger, composes himself and begins to charge into the upcoming fight. Seeing that they need not be scared, the rest of the team finally brakes from their paralysis and charges in, longing for battle.

With the fire now squelched, Ulmus reverts back to his true form and notices the demon is unaffected. His cultists draw their weapons and prepare to stand their ground against the overwhelming force now coming for them. Gathering strength from the dark magic around him, the demon raises his hands and all the cult members whose lives were forfeited begin to stand. The demons power is so strong that one of Ulmus’ weaker teammates becomes entranced by him and falls under his spell. She begins trying to commune with him and pull him from his world into ours. Our hero and his company battle the surrounding horde and attempt to restore Isabeau to her right mind again. As the battle rages on, zombies and cultists begin to fall. As minions are slain, the demons power weakens and Isabeau regains her senses and fights back against what was once enslaving her mind. Eventually the demons minions are crushed under the power of Ulmus and company and the spell is broken. As he fades back out of our existence Dwigger and him exchange words before he vanishes.

The sky begins to open up again and the rain and clouds break. Free from danger Ulmus’ company, ever vigilant on their search for treasure begins looting the surrounding area. Unhindered by material possessions Ulmus looks to gain knowledge. He reaches into his pockets and pulls out his elvish vase, placing it on the ritual alter. Once again the sky grows black, Ulmus’ companions look at him and turn to flee, unready for another fight.

As the blackness grows, the vase gleams a pale light from it and strands of shimmering silk can be seen descending from the sky and the surrounding trees. A voice calls out to our hero, “This ritual is a mockery.” Ulmus looks up, and two eyes are seen staring down at him from the heavens. Intrigued with the power that is sitting before him Ulmus speaks out, “What must I do to continue the ritual?”

“Bring me the hearts of your allies.”


Awarded Two Sexy Inspiration Points


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